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Peart Family Memorial Fund was founded after cancer struck our family back-to-back in the past few years.

We lost Neil to Glioblastoma in 2020 and Glen to pancreatic cancer recently in 2021. 

Both Glen and his son Neil were incredibly kind-hearted and willing to "do the most excellent thing they could that day" - both men gave back as much as they were able to throughout their lives. Glen was a longtime member of the Lion's Club here in Gravenhurst, ON where he helped his community daily, Neil continuously aided selflessly from behind the curtains to anyone he could. 

Through the Peart Family Memorial Fund, we are able to help support the RVH Foundation Cancer Centre in Barrie, ON, as well as Hospice Muskoka - Andy's House, where Glen was kept in wonderful care prior to his passing in June, 2021. The Kristen French Advocacy Centre in St.Catharines is another one close to our hearts as the French Family has been close personal friends for decades and we are proud to support their plans! We feel very fortunate to be able to carry the memory of our family members by doing what they loved- charity work, golfing and biking!

Thank you so much for supporting as donors, bidders, item donators, emotional support and well wishes throughout the journey so far. We have been able to donate $120k to our benefiting charities to date. We look forward to having you join us in 2023. 


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